Tom Parker – Board Chair of NW Documentary, lifelong motorcyclist, filmmaker, ’95 Paris Dakar BMW owner.  Is our favorite wizard.







Mark Gardiner – Motorcycle journalist, author, and retired racer.  Mark once quit a perfectly good job to enter the Isle of Man, and has been providing insights into motorcycle history, culture, and industry ever since.  Likes caffeine, talks politics, pokes fun.




Drat Diestler - Owner Ever True Tattoo, Ducati racer, scooterist, Rutger Hauer doppelgänger, punk, daredevil.  Drat drives an Avanti...of course.




Larry Wright.jpg

Damon Sullivan - Over 15 years as art director, production designer and producer.  CEO of Thug Design.  Damon likes bikes his own age, which he tells us is 24.  It's a lie. That Montesa is a '75.  He spends much of his free time riding single track in the Pacific Northwest, and can still be convinced to enter a vintage MX race if the weather is just right.





Larry Wright - Rider, racer, restorer, 17 years in the film industry including 14 features and over 400 commercials.  Proved us all wrong and got that '48 Velocette to run! Nice job.  A gentleman.  Likes dirt.







Patricia Gardner - Owner A57 Design, long-distance 2-wheel traveller, road racer, flat tracker, cook.  Appreciates rap, GSXRs, the color black.