Out of Nothing

From the Pacific Northwest to the Bonneville Salt Flats, this is the inspiring true story of four tenacious men who risk everything to achieve their dreams of motorcycle land speed racing. Through ingenuity and extraordinary effort they overcome mechanical, financial, and emotional obstacles.  They hand-craft unique machines, custom fit to their bodies, expressive of their personalities, each targeted at a world record. Their collaboration, personal struggles, and the extraordinary landscape of The Salt combine in a tale of perseverance, teamwork and success amidst the roar of engines on two wheels.

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Director/Executive Producer: Chad DeRosa 

Producers: Ryan Stiles, Andrew Lahmann 

Released: 2014

Speed Mud and Glory

At 8-years-old Martin Smolinski discovered that riding sideways was what he liked best.  And for the rest of his life, he has pursued the Speedway World Championship.  No front brake, no back brake, and the acceleration of a Formula 1 car.  This film explores the thrill and glory of race day, shows the beauty and excitement of speedway racing, and reveals the struggle, effort and insights that happen behind the scenes on a single-minded professional race team. “One heat, one minute…a lot can happen in one minute on the track.”  This is the USA premier for Speed Mud and Glory.

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Director/Producer: Dee Dee Wallauer

Released: 2014

Somewhere Else Tomorrow

Daniel Rintz dreamed of riding a motorcycle around the world.  Rather than saving funds needed to do so, he decided to leave now, and make the money along the way.  No support team, no sponsors, no film crew, no budget.  27 countries and 2.8 years later, we share in his unique, unplanned, deep dive into other cultures.  The landscapes are stunning, but the people are what change his perspective…on everything.  The story is about having the courage to follow your dreams, and what you can accomplish when you stop trying to control things, and let go of your fears.  2-wheels, 1-world, 0-money.   

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Director/Producer: Daniel Rintz

Producers: Jay Lawrence Till, Kristian Bruun

Released: 2013

Ride Report - 2015 Winner!

When filmmakers Tiernan Turner and Matt Kendall decide to go to Carnival, they embark on a 10,000-mile cross-continental road trip with nothing but Suzuki motorcycles and a couch-surfing social network.  They encounter dangerous terrain and mechanical failures, but with assistance from locals and adventure riders along the way, and through their own persistence and sheer willingness, they overcome obstacles and wind their way through Latin America. 

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Directors: Tiernan Turner and Matt Kendall

Producers: Wesley Hirni and Charles Akin

Released: 2014


Driven to Ride

This documentary explores the spirit and diversity of female motorcycle riders, uncovering what it is that draws them to the open road.  They’re inspiring, committed to the sense of freedom motorcycling provides, and in the case of Erin Doherty-Ratay, capable of World Record feats of endurance riding. 

 As Director Michelle Bauer Carpenter shares, “I wanted to break down the stereotypes of female riders.  They’re entrepreneurs, business people, and some of the strongest women I’ve ever met.”

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Director: Michelle Bauer Carpenter

Released: 2013


Short Films 2015

Dave Roper #7, by Don Lange (winner!)

Vincent Black Lightning, by Cat Bruce

Follow Your Fears, by Yali Sharon

Tom Fugle, by Scott Pommier