Arrows of Fire (2013)

A father, son, and two friends head off to discover the grittiest, most beautiful Australia bush country.  They find more than they bargained for, confronting mental and physical limits in huge landscapes on less-travelled roads, testing the strength of their relationships, ending their journey changed forever.  Filmed by the motorbike riders with no support vehicles. 

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Director:  Duncan Menge

Producer:  Josh Evans

Company:  Eye of the Rider Moto Docs

Country:  Australia


Macao Gladiators (2014)

35 riders from across the globe meet every year in Macao for a race like no other, inches from the barriers in an intensely urban environment.  The film explores the minds of the racers and the team – their fears, their systematic preparation, and their commitment to speed.  Macao Gladiators tells the story of underdogs competing "David vs. Goliath" on the international road racing scene.

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Director and Producer: Andreas Knuffman

Director of Photography: Patrick Sartre

Company: Boomerang Film Produktion

Country: Germany


Take None Give None (2015)

Take None, Give None is a documentary about The Chosen Few, America’s first racially integrated motorcycle club, founded in 1959.  Cesaretti first photographed The Chosen Few over 20 years ago, and in 2011 teamed with Kurt Mangum. Together they tell the motorcycle club’s story by creating an in-depth portrait of this South Central LA community of bikers.

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Director:  Gusmano Cesaretti, Kurt Mangum

Producer:  Bruno Sere

Country: USA



Beyond Siberia (2016)

This documentary follows a 105-day motorcycle adventure from London over a quarter of the Earth’s surface.  The ride crisscrosses Russia, the Caucus Mountains, the historical Silk Road, and passes deep into Mongolia.  It finishes through the Siberian wilderness on the infamous Road of Bones, a wasteland where over two million people perished during Stalin’s reign of terror.  Narrated by Charley Boorman.

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Director: Robin Newell

Producer: Robin Newell, Ryan Heath

Country: Australia


1000 Kilometer (2016)

1000 Kilometer is a semi documentary film that explores the joy of custom motorcycle building, and riding adventures with friends.  The cast goes on a quest to visit the central figures in Indonesia’s custom motorcycle scene.  Their ride is 1000 kilometers on the roads of Java throughout Bali, and reveals the unique perspective that comes from blending Indonesian culture with Harley, Yamaha and Moto Guzzi.

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Director:  Ilham Nuriadi

Producer:  Adita Bramantyo

Country: Indonesia


Short Films 2017

WINNER!  A Himalayan Road Trip, by Carlos Costa

Motorbike Jazz, by Tim Scott

Quake City Rumblers, by Chris Rausch

91, by Oliver Wagner

Gas vs Electric, by Matthew Sanders

The Little Person Inside, by Tom Long

Trail Master, by Matthew Sanders