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Road Warriors

In 2012, AMA Pro Road Racing staged 11 races across America. Rivalries were intense, and competition fierce. Races were decided by thousandths of a second. The stakes could not have been higher. The battles on track were only a part of the story. This documentary offers a rare look behind pit wall, uncensored and raw as it happened. 

Starring: Josh Hayes, Danny Eslick, Elena Myers, Melissa Paris, Austin Dehaven and Roger Hayden. 

Director/Producer: Matt Greenstone
Released: 2013

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Why We Ride - 2014 Winner!

This is a story about the journey, not the destination. It’s about who we are; individuals with a desire to dream, discover and explore, seeking a life outside daily confinements. Motorcycles represent the milestones of our lives, from a kid’s dream come true to a retiree’s return to freedom, from a family riding together on the sand dunes, to hundreds of choppers carving through the canyon. 

It’s about the passion of the riders and the soul of their machines. Your senses heighten as the world rushes in, your heart beats to the pulse of the engine, your mind races and sets you free. Once you let a motorcycle into your life, it changes you forever.

Director/Producer: Bryan Carroll
Producer: James Walker
Executive Producer: Walter Zuck
Released: 2013

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Take it to the Limit

Peter Starr’s long-lost 1979 motorcycle documentary is a comprehensive overview of motorcycle racing in the late 1970s.  The film covers speedway, desert racing, road racing, hill climb, grass track, drag racing, motocross and more. Featured players include Mike Hailwood, Kenny Roberts, Roger DeCoster, Barry Sheene and Steve Baker. Among many special motorcycle moments, Starr was at the Indy Mile when Kenny Roberts raced the infamous four-cylinder Yamaha TZ750 dirt tracker, and his cameras captured the last-lap pass that got the bike banned.

Take It To The Limit is like a time capsule, opened to reveal what motorcycling was like 30 years ago.  While the gear and machines may have been different, the passion for the sport revealed by his lens remains as true today as then.

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White Knuckle

Ride with hot rod builder and filmmaker Brian Darwas as he travels coast to coast on the ultimate antique endurance run, “The Motorcycle Cannonball”.  The motorcycles, all pre-1916, started at the Atlantic and finished at the Pacific, all via secondary roads.

The will and ingenuity of the riders, who rebuilt engines and fabricated parts in parking lots and machine shops along the way, goes far beyond the norm.

The riders and the small town Americans who help them will impress and inspire.  Join us on a journey back in time, and experience what it reveals about who we are today. 

Director: Brian Darwas

Short Films 2014 - at The One Show

It’s Better in the Wind, by Scott Toepfer

It Only Gets Faster, by David Bryan

Lanakila Macnaughton, by Austin Will

Long Way Gone, by By Austin Will

Old Dogs New Tricks, by Tom Salt

One Week A Year, by Jon Glover

Rider Owned Co-Built, by Dael Pouler

Shutter Speed, by Toastacia Boyd

Slabtown Chronicles, by Icon

The Wild is Calling, by Joe Stevens

VFR vs. Geometry, by Jason Forman

Waiting Out Winter, by Andrew David Watson

Who’s Around, by Toastacia Boyd

Black Badger, by See See Motor Co.

Born Free, by Scott Pommier

Containment Chronicles, by Icon

Deus Ex Machina, by Seth Brown

Dirtquake II, by Iron Bird

Don’t Forget the Salt, by Paul O’Neill

Dorothy ‘Dot’ Robinson, by Toastacia Boyd

Feed Your Restless, by BMW

Food Fantasy, by See See Motor Co.

Hades, by Darren Statman

Holiday Customs, by Joe Stevens

I Don’t Wanna Die, by Toastacia Boyd

I Haven’t Quite Let Him Die, by Austin Will