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Chasing Evel (2017)

He owns 20 world records and 350 jumps worldwide.  He’s his own man, and haunted by a life on the road, and by his famous father.  It’s daredevil history and deeply personal. 

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Director:  Jesse James Miller

Producers:  Adam Scorgie, Ken Johns

Company:  Super Channel Original Film

Country:  United States


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Into the Dust (2017)

A father and son team up to face the Baja 1000 challenge, the longest non-stop off road race in the world.  The landscape is epic, the night racing is on the limit, and without deep determination you’ll never, ever make it.  

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Director:  Ted Waldron

Writer and Producer: Larry Janesky

Country: United States

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50 Years, The Story of Thursday Night Motocross (2017)

This is how a flooded wasteland in Portland, Oregon was transformed into the longest running night time motocross track in the USA.  This is bulldozers and grit.  It’s jumps and goggles.  It’s family, friends and Chuck Sun! 

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Director:  Bryson Steele

Producers:  Bryson Steele, Rory Sullivan, Joey Lancaster

Country: United States

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The Unfamiliar Road (2017)

The Unfamiliar Road follows an overland journey from Perth, Australia to London.  Jobs were quit!  From the scorching Outback to ice and snow in the Himalayas, it’s a story of friendship and cultural experience and determination.  

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Director: Daniel Greening

Producer: Daniel Greening

Country: Australia

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Black Lightning: The Rollie Free Story (2017)

This documentary follows the life of Rollie Free including racing in the ‘20s, owning an Indian dealership, and setting the motorcycle one-mile speed record in 1948 on a Vincent.  In his skivvies at 150.  A man entirely unafraid of rug burn.  And the most iconic photo in all of motorcycling. 

Director: Zach Siglow

Producers:  William E. Connor II, Lenny Shabes, Louise Noeth, William Edgar

Country: United States


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Short Films 2018

Why I Ride - A Self Portrait, by Clayton Arnall

Giovanni Burlando's Vision, by Ugo Roffi (Winner!)

Under Open Air, by Joe Stevens

Sobbing Scooterist, by Liza Miller

Vietnam Road Trip, by William Shears

Two Wheels One Love, by Paul Carrico

LA Barstow Vegas 2016, by Aaron Schasse

Street Racers, by Aurelien Heilbronn

The One Motorcycle Show, by Matthew Sanders

Invite the Unexpected, by Bryan Rowland

The American Wall of Death, by Roberto Serrini

South of the Wall, by Sinuhe Xavier

The Dream Roll, by Aly Spengler

Hill Climb, by Nick Nommerdor