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3 Wheeling (2018)

Experience the spectacular sport of sidecar racing at the world’s most challenging road race, the Isle of Man TT.  From race preparation to the paddock, pit lane, and the track, follow the riders, passengers and team mangers as they push themselves and their custom built machines to the limit. 

Director:  Nathan Russell-Raby

Producers:  Chris Beauman

Country:  Isle of Man

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A Thousand Miles Behind (2018)

A grieving man sets out on a solo trip across California after a motorcycle mysteriously turns up on his doorstep.  Can speed, distance, and the lonely road help heal him? 

Director:  Nathan Wetherington

Producers: Nathan Wetherington, Caroline Diani

Country: United States

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Never Ride Alone (2018)

Entrepreneur, dirt bike explorer and expat Scott Englund tackles the challenge of documenting his solo attempt at being the first rider to cross a daunting region of the Peruvian Andes.  The territory is stunningly beautiful, and the trails are ancient footpaths or nothing at all.    

Director: Scott Englund

Producer: Scott Englund

Country: Peru

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Whatever May Come.png

Whatever May Come (2018)

Christian Vogel gave up the lease on his apartment and his job to ride around the world on a motorcycle.  333 days and 50,000 KM through the US, Canada, Russia, China, India, Mongolia, Pakistan, Nepal and Iran, he finds adventure, danger, perspective and connection.

Director: Christian Vogel

Producers: Christian Vogel, Simon Busch, Christian Frank

Country: Germany

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Short Films 2019

The Race, by Lucas Guerineau, Argentina WINNER BEST SHORT FILM!

The Big Escape, by Hermes Mangialardo, Italy

Highest Village in the World, by Carlos Costa, Spain

Bottled Up, by David Ashton, USA

Blue Mountains in the Arctic, by Emil Duvander, Sweden

Faster powered by EatSleepRIDE, by Cam Elkins, Canada

I Hate Ladies, by Sofia Wikelid, Vanja Hamm, and Agness Wentzel Blank, Uganda